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Dejlig laks ligesom farve. God næse med antydninger af jordbær, hindbær og citrus. På ganen en eksplosion af frugt, som er velafbalanceret med en dejlig syrlighed med blot en antydning af sødme i eftersmagen. En vin til enhver lejlighed. 

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Another exciting release of our very “South–African” organic bottle fermented Rosé. This vintage is again dominated by Pinotage but also contains a bit of Chenin Blanc. Like you know we farm everything organically on the farm. Not only is our juice free of pesticides, insecticides and fertilizers but also in the winemaking we make sure that no finning agents are used and sulphur is also limited to the absolute minimum. The grapes are all handpicked in the early mornings. We do only whole bunch pressing which is a very gentle way of extracting the juice from the berries. We limit ourselves to get only around 500 liters from 1000 kg of grapes. Remember, we do not want to create a chemical “bubbly” bom using all these crazy chemicals that unfortunately have become part of industrial winemaking. Juice are settled and then inoculated with an organic Bayanus yeast strain for cold fermentation. The wine is left on primary sediment for 3–4 months after it is filtered and prepared for the second fermentation in bottle. The fermentation usually last 2–3 weeks. The wine is left under crown on the sediment for 12–14 months before disgorgement. We pick riper than other MCC producers and have lower dosage levels, lower acidities and higher ph levels.

Technical details:

Varietal: 82 % Pinotage, 18 % Chenin Blanc
Alcohol: 11,5%
Total acidity: 5,2 g/l
pH: 3,37
Residual sugar: 4,6 g/l

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